Iperius Backup 4.5.7


  • Some minor improvements and optimizations
  • Fixed a problem in copying secondary disks in the Hyper-V backup
  • Fixed an "access violation" errror in zip compression

Iperius Backup 4.5.6


  • Management of firewall rules has been improved to allow Iperius to use various connection protocols.
  • Handling of UTF8 characters on some SFTP servers has been improved
  • Improved compatibility with a large number of SMTP servers to send email notifications
  • Handling of hidden and system files in user profile folders has been improved
  • A number of other improvements and optimizations
  • Hyper-V backup: fixed an error uploading virtual machines to FTP servers
  • VMware ESXi backup: now snapshots are correctly removed if there is an error in accessing/writing to the destination folder
  • ESXi connection: fixed a connection error when there were misconfigured virtual machines
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop error with some "application data" folders.
  • Fixed some visualization problems on monitors with high DPI/character size

Iperius Backup 4.5.5


  • Checking of files encrypted by cryptolocker/ransomware viruses: added some further checks to improve performances and avoid false positives.
  • Now it is possible to configure a proxy server to activate the trial version and connect to the Web Console
  • A number of improvements and optimizations
  • Backup to Amazon S3: fixed a problem in file upload progress
  • SFTP backup: fixed a problem in uploading files with Unicode names (also for SFTP backups to Synology NAS)
  • Fixed a problem of infinite recursion on links to old system folders on some Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems
  • Drive Image backup: fixed a problem in reading system backup logs
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 4.5.3


  • New function that allows to export all logs
  • Translations updated
  • Improved the feature that can detect files encrypted by ransomware viruses (cryptolocker)
  • Zip backup: now the program interface doesn't freeze while compressing large files
  • Hyper-V backup: now the virtual machines put in saved state are restarted correctly
  • Tape backup: fixed the error "medium is write protected" that could be caused by some other software locking the tape drive exclusively

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