Iperius Backup 5.7.0


  • Backup of Exchange Online (Office 365)
  • Backup of Exchange On-Premises: Now you can also export messages as single files
  • Backup S3: now Iperius is compatible with Aruba Cloud Object Storage
  • Backup S3: now Iperius is compatible with Wasabi
  • Backup S3: now Iperius is compatible with ProfitBricks
  • Backup FTPS: support for all recent TLS security protocols
  • Several improvements and optimizations
  • Hyper-V Backup: fixed a problem in listing virtual machine files on some systems
  • Generic S3 backup: fixed some compatibility issues and an error in checking the maximum file size allowed
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL backup: fixed a UTF8 problem in the initial record count
  • Drive Image: fixed an incorrect error message when verifying the backup
  • Some minor bugs fixed
Aggiorna ora

Iperius Backup 5.5.3


  • Some minor improvements and optimizations
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 5.5.2


  • VMware ESXi Backup: the connection test and the VM listing procedure have been speeded up
  • VMware ESXi Backup: Now you can manually type the destination folder path on the datastore
  • ESXi: fixed a connection time-out error in case of NFS datastore with many folders
  • ESXi Backup: Fixed a backup verification issue when the VM disk was on a different datastore
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Iperius Backup 5.5.0


  • VMware ESXi/vCenter: now Iperius supports the virtual machine REPLICATION from host to host and from datastore to datastore. A powerful cloning and backup function that allows you to have an always-ready virtual machine in case of a system failure and therefore a guaranteed failover.
  • SQL Server backup: the COPY-ONLY option has been added
  • MySQL backup: added possibility to choose the backup file encoding: UTF-8 or Unicode
  • Backup to Tape: added the ability to copy only the modified files before or after a specific date.
  • Ransomware Protection: some new file extensions have been managed
  • Several improvements and optimizations
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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